What’s The Price?

For less than the cost of a music or movie streaming subscription, you can begin the journey to getting your money right with BREAUX Capital.

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BREAUX Emeritus

$399to open account
  • Access To Automated Savings
  • Pitch Deals to Our Members
  • Leverage Discounted Business Services
  • Advise Like-Minded Black Males
  • Impact Local Communities Across U.S


$599to open account
  • Savings Automation
  • Collective Asset Pooling
  • Shared Investment Dividends
  • Like-Minded Business Network
  • Authority To Shape Business Vision
  • Equity In BREAUX Capital
  • Exclusive Event Access
  • Only For The Trill

All BREAUX Capital Accounts Include:

Automated Savings

Choose how quickly you want your stash to grow every two weeks, input your information and we’ll make sure it’s allocated.

Business Transparency

BREAUX Capital is powered by real people who are just like you. Generating revenue has its place, but we truly care whether or not you succeed. 

Collective Investing

Information sourced to save you time and but still pinpoints your problems. We don’t do shotgun advice.

Peer Accountability

Using technology you can partner with individuals around the world to keep you on track as you move forward in your financial journey.

Community Education

A key component to financial wellness is the financial health of your friends. Make sure you are plugged with a mastermind.

Powered By You

Imagine investing with knowledge and your closest friends. We’ve made it possible for this to be included in your investment experience.

Account Monitoring

You will be provided consistent updates on your account growth to ensure convenient accountability of your funds.

Bank Level Security

We take steps to protect your account information from data breaches and identity theft using layers of bank-level security.

Pricing Questions

What Payment Forms Can I Use? Do You Accept PayPal?

We do accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We currently do not accept Paypal. We process all payments directly on our platform, so its no need for Paypal. If you have an issue paying, please reach out to hello@breauxcapital.com

Is My Information Safe?

We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, which is bank level security. Combined with intelligent IP blocking on our security systems which detects intruders and blocks them across before they even try to attack.

How Long Will My Membership Last?

Memberships will last a full year or 12 montWe’veWe’v designed each style of memberhip to make sure that it benefits the customer. So we took time out to make sure YOU are making money by rocking with us. We hope to have you as a customer as long as we can and our aim is to be such an immutable resource that you’ll be referring your great grandchildren to BREAUX Capital.

Can I Pay Month To Month?

No, to avoid multiple payment processing charges, it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to pay a yearly upfront fee. In the grand scheme, you pay more to stream movies and to attend your gym franchise than you will for BREAUX Capital membership. As a member of BREAUX 20 and BREAUX 50, You can adjust the amount you save.

Can I Purchase Products A La Carte?

No. All of the components to BREAUX Capital work with the others. So even if you’re no as hypes about the savings portion, once you begin to see how beneficial it is to put your bag securing on auto-pilot, have investment knowledge that you can understand at your fingertips, along with a digital and in-person community of support.  

Can I Upgrade My Membership?

Yes, you can upgrade membership. If you want, you can go from 20 to 50, and if you qualify you can go from 50 to The 100. We want you to upgrade as much as you can because the greater value you will be able to extract from the group.

A Small Investment For Priceless Value

My restaurant Slice Piedmont closed unexpectedly as some small businesses do, but because of BREAUX Capital I have a nest egg that I can COMFORTABLY maintain my lifestyle while in between employment... thank you BREAUX Capital, I truly would be up the river without yall!- Eric Green
BREAUX Capital is important to me for numerous reasons. It helps build business knowledge and savvy. It's our own flavor to the game we have to play to succeed in corporate America. It promotes and shows the value in group economics amongst black and brown people. - Mensa Pounds
BREAUX Capital presents a path to lead those entrepreneurial individuals to mature in the financial and educational aspect of his or her life. It has taught me how to analyze my decisions before I seize an opportunity to better my chances for success in the future.- Samuel McNair

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