They Respect Us:

Asset Accumulation

Easily Automate Your Savings

Less than 25% of us are consistently saving a portion of our income. With BREAUX Capital, your stash automatically grows every two weeks. What better way to ensure that your net worth and liquid capital are steadily increasing? When you find something better put us up on game.

Member-Only Community

Invest Alongside A Family

Active members are the foundation of our model, cementing a community to assist you along your journey. Your continuous feedback and ideas will also be used to develop a better product. Show us another financial technology company doing that for Black millennials….We’ll wait.

Accountability & Loyalty

Safety-Net For The Unexpected

Leverage technology to partner with individuals around the world to keep you on track as you move toward your financial goals. Independent research, as well as our own data, shows that partnership accountability is the most powerful tool to acquire and incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle.

BREAUX Capital Account Benefits

Look, we know your money is important to you and the people you care for. Here is why you should rock with us and not those other companies.
Transparency & Access

Transparency & Access

Unlike big banks, we are transparent with our moves and your money. We have public shareholder meetings and answer questions in plain English.

Control Your Destiny

Control Your Destiny

Your money is your money. we are not financial managers. You choose where you want it to go, we just provide assistance in making wise decisions

Never Lose Value

Never Lose Value

Your contribution account will never lose value. We can assure you that if you follow the rules of our model, you will not leave with any less than you came.

Community At The Core

Community At The Core

Having an extended network to encourage and support you is key to success. Once you join the Fam, we look out. No questions asked.

Built For Millennials

Built For Millennials

We know the financial issues you’re having because we were having them too. Our financial health model can assist you no matter where you are in your journey.

Social Conscience

Social Conscience

You don’t have to worry about us funding private prisons, fracking, oil drilling, contaminated water pipes, or supporting idiotic political candidates.

BREAUX Capital Vs. Everybody Else

As a Black-Owned enterprise, we know your money is important to you and the people you care for. Here is why you should rock with us and not those other companies.

BREAUX Capital Robot Apps Banks
Automate Savings Yes Yes Yes
Accountability Partner Yes No No
Collective Investing Opportunities Yes No No
Like-Minded Community Yes No No
Equity Ownership Opportunity Yes No No
Black-Owned Yes Probably Not Probably Not

You Can’t Buy Respect Black Man

You don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at what the Black Men who are Members of the BREAUX Capital community have to say about how we make it easy for you to be in position to invest.
  • Joseph Mason
  • Primous Howard
  • Mensa Pounds
  • Terrance White

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is…

We make it easy for you to build a financial safety-net while also putting yourself in position to invest alongside a community of BREAUXS who are like-minded. All you do is choose how much of your monthly income you want to save. Set it. Leave it. Let it Grow. The money you save is yours and can then be used to invest.
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