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On all platforms and within all mediums (web, print, digital, physical) our company name is styled as: BREAUX Capital.

Correct: BREAUX Capital
Please Avoid: Breaux, BREAUX CAPITAL, Breaux Capital

Our members are referred to as BREAUXS.

Correct: BREAUXS
Please Avoid: Breauxs, BREAUXs

Our membership tiers are styled:

Correct: BREAUX 20, BREAUX 50
Please Avoid: Breaux 20, Breaux 50

Correct: The BREAUX 100
Please Avoid: Breaux 100, BREAUX 100

Thank you.


BREAUX Capital Standard Logo (.png)

Regular Large Logo

BREAUX Capital Reverse White Logo (.png)

Large Logo_White

Logo Usage

Only use the standard BREAUX Capital logo for white and/or light colored backgrounds. Only use the reverse white BREAUX Capital logo for black and/or dark colored backgrounds. Thank you.

BREAUX Capital Thumbnail and Social Media Icon (.png)



  • HEX: 55B790
  • RGB: 85, 183, 144


  • HEX: 122C39
  • RGB: 18, 44, 57


A world where communities of color have structures for their young people to increase their personal financial wellness, so that the overall financial health of their communities can be enhanced.


BREAUX Capital seeks to increase the financial wellness of economically marginalized populations by merging vintage research-based concepts and curated cultural tribes (starting with Black male millennials) with modern technologies that can enhance financial and entrepreneurial knowledge, automate the accumulation of assets, and facilitate wealth generation.

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