planted in the community.

#BREAUXCapital is the embodiment of its entire team:
innovative and socially conscious.

Meet Our Board of Directors

A testament to the innovative business structure and entrepreneurial culture of BREAUX Capital, our Board Members are all equity holding owner-operators. They ensure accountability across all levels of operations while contributing to the execution of our growth plan.

Mensa Pounds

Board Member – Accountability Team

Mensa Pounds a native of Cleveland, OH but now resides in New Orleans, LA. He is a father, husband, investor, and educator. Mensa is passionate about the holistic progression of black and underprivileged people as well as their communities. He currently teaches elementary students in NOLA, specializing in mathematics, and will be pursuing an MBA and Physics Ph.D.

Robert Bailey

Board Member – Investment Relations Team

Robert is an emerging cinematographer and photographer from Los Angeles. With film, he mixes entertainment, education, and empowerment through original narratives and lesser-known stories. Social responsibility is one of Robert’s core values and he consistently engages and gives back to his local community through visual and creative arts.

Calven Mitchell

Board Member – Investment Relations Team

Calven Mitchell is a multitalented business owner from Georgia. He has enormous ambitions to develop housing that is affordable, and energy efficient with modern designs. He has developed strong relationships with landowners in West African countries to develop properties in international markets.

Terrance White

Board Member – Membership Experience Team

Terrance is a physicist/biomedical engineer and entrepreneur with a social conscience. Currently, his two main goals are finding cures to rare diseases through regenerative medicine techniques and creating generational wealth within the African American community of Raleigh-Durham.

A Message From Our Co-Founder

Meet Our Core Operations Team

Deciding to organize, connect, and trust one another to build a vision greater than the sum of its parts was the most genius thing we have ever done and it allowed us to launch and grow BREAUX Capital into an Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 company with just $500 dollars.

Malcolm Clyburn

Accountability Team Lead and Board Member

Malcolm Clyburn is a native and resident of Silver Spring, MD.  Graduating Morehouse College in 2013, he worked domestically in nonprofit management before joining the Peace Corps in Mozambique as a Community Health Specialist. He believes in the potential of utilizing digital communities to increase the physical and economic health of people of color. 

Primous Howard

Investment Team Lead and Board Member

Primous is a graduate of Morehouse College (‘13) who is currently growing a real estate investment company that specializes in wholesaling, fix and flips, and buy and holds. With BREAUX Capital Primous is able to let his investing experience with stocks, REITs, and investment properties shine to benefit the whole family.

Brian L. Williams

Co-Founder and Board Member

Brian “BDub” Williams is a self-aware and compassionate problem solver seeking to spur innovation within urban communities of color. He is a Gates Millennium and Coca-Cola Scholar who holds a degree in Economics (with a specialization in finance) from Morehouse College, where he graduated Cum Laude.

Ras Asan

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Ras is a business development scientist and entrepreneur with a social conscience. Black Enterprise BE Modern Man, Chicago Tribune, and New York Times have featured Ras named as an Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Founder is a contributing writer for Inc. Magazine covering entrepreneurship from black male millennial perspective work to increase higher education access and raise financial literacy awareness in traditionally underserved communities.

Derrius Quarles

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Derrius is an Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30  designer and emerging business mogul. He started his first business at 15 and became a technology entrepreneur straight out of college. His first book, Winning The Scholarship Race has assisted thousands of students across the globe in reducing higher education debt and his work has been highlighted by CNN, MTV, TED and Time Magazine as well as honored by the White House.

Do You Want To Advance Financial Health For Black Millennials?