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What is BREAUX Capital?

BREAUX Capital is the first financial technology company designing products to increase the financial wellness of black millennials. BREAUX Capital is the first venture founded by BREAUX and Company and it fuses software, culture, community, innovation, and the Internet of things(IoT) to push social justice forward for all economically marginalized communities.

Is BREAUX Capital an investment club?

No. Nope. Nah!

We are a cooperatively owned technology company that operates a business model that generates revenue primarily from operations. Our shareholders are also our customers and customers are our shareholders. Our shareholders are also the operators, and our operators use the product being sold. By synergizing, we all benefit, and so does the community.

Is BREAUX Capital a bank?


We are a cooperatively owned technology company that operates a business model that generates revenue primarily from operations. We are not a lender and we do not make loans with cash deposits. We make money from direct-to-consumer membership subscriptions. We do plan to start a technology-driven credit union into the future through our holding company, BREAUX and Company.

Is BREAUX Capital an investment firm or money manager?


We are a cooperatively owned technology company that operates a business model that generates revenue primarily from operations. We purposely do not have a Chief Executive Officer or Chief Investment Officer because the responsibilities of these roles are meant to spread across the shareholders (including the founders), some of whom are also operators and customers.

Is BREAUX Capital a robot brokerage firm (a robo-advisor)?

Nah. Its all about the human-to-human connection with BREAUX Capital. That is why the word Capital is in our company name. Because Capital is much more than financial resources. There are many forms of Capital – including Cultural and Human Capital. We must leverage all our forms of Capital if we are going to solve the economic challenges communities of color are facing globally.

What is financial wellness? How do you define it?

According to our extensive conversations across the country, and our research conducted in partnership with a grant from the National Science Foundation, we have grown to understand that financial wellness can be broken down into four interrelated components:

  1. Being able to take care of your basic needs
  2. Being able to handle an emergency – Legal Situation? Medical? Roundtrip Flight?
  3. Being able to take advantage of financial opportunities as they arise?
  4. Your closest friends being able to take care of their needs and emergencies while investing at will.

What products and services does BREAUX Capital offer?

BREAUX Capital offers automated asset accumulation. Premium curated content, and access to curated events. BREAUX Capital provides financial coaching sessions to the BREAUX 50 (open to everyone). Once you become a member of BREAUX 50, you will receive 1 free session with your designated BREAUX Coach.

How does BREAUX Capital make money?

BREAUX Capital generates revenue by selling yearly software subscriptions via our platform. We provide value by aggregating the tech, tools, and resources Black millennials need to become financially well.

Is BREAUX Capital a for profit or non-profit?

BREAUX Capital is a for-profit organization. We are firm believers that we don’t have to sacrifice money for the sake of doing well or sacrifice socially conscious activity for the sake of making money. We will continue to do both at the same time.

Has BREAUX Capital taken venture capital?

Our team started BREAUX Capital with a $500 investment from the founders. We have proudly bootstrapped our way to this point and have a viable plan to grow with or without venture capital. This is the power of cooperative economics powered by Black millennials and innovators.

How did the founders meet?

The founders of BREAUX Capital met while attending Morehouse College. While studying sociology they crossed paths while concurrently studying abroad in Ghana – Accra, Kumasi and Tamale, specifically. They decided that as sociologists their contribution to society should not be just of writing books and essays to detail issues, rather sustainable systems crafted as solutions to social problems. 

What are the founder’s professional experiences?

The founders are nationally recognized entrepreneurs we have learned so much about power of entrepreneurship from testing business models since we were in high school – whether it be selling candy, mowing lawns, cutting hair, shoveling snow, or tutoring 2nd graders in in writing and mathematics.

We successfully raised over $125,000 for our companies via business plan competitions and $75,000 in angel investments before the ages of 25, having lived in New Orleans, The Bronx Louisville, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Atlanta during our early entrepreneurial journeys. Today, we leverage our talents to collaborate with organizations like the National Science Foundation and TED.

Is BREAUX Capital only for males?

One of the reasons we liked the unique spelling “BREAUX” is because it is gender neutral. We believe and promote that financial wellness is something all communities and identities need.

In fact, we are currently partnering with a founding team of millennial women of color to build a complementary organization where we can create a culture that is by women for women while still using the insights of building BREAUX Capital with a small investment to assist in building the financial wellness of women.

Research shows that peer groups can act as a commitment device for any sort of positive behavior. Essentially, the communities you most identify with personally are the communities who are in the best position to keep you be accountable to your goals. This includes personal savings and investing behavior and it doesn’t matter who the peer is, woman, man, human.


Why Do I Have To Apply? Why Can’t I Just Join?

We’re building something BIG here, so we’ve got to make sure that the people who are building it with us are tip-top, A-1, 100, so on and so on. It’s our responsibility to curate this membership network for the sake of adding the utmost value and eliminating or avoiding nonsense from our members’ user experience.

What Is The Withdrawal Policy?

Our members are able to pull out their money without penalty after 6 months of membership. At this time, there are parameters around withdrawals that will be discussed after you apply.

Can I switch membership tiers?

Yes you may switch from BREAUX 20 & BREAUX 50 at any time, given a 2 week notice in order to switch your automation plan. But, The BREAUX 100 is much different from BREAUX 20 & BREAUX 50 due to ownership within BREAUX Capital. Thus switching is discouraged but would be discussed and arranged with the membership as we understand life happens.

Can I use Paypal?

We currently do not accept Paypal. We do accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We process all payments directly on our platform, so its no need for Paypal. If you have an issue paying, please reach out to

Is my information safe?

We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, which is bank level security. Combined with intelligent IP blocking on our security system, which detects intruders and blocks them before they even try to attack.

How long will my membership last?

Membership will last a full year or 12 months. We’ve designed each style of membership to make sure that it benefits the customer. So we took time out to make sure YOU are making money by rocking with us. We hope to have you as a customer as long as we can, and our aim is to be such an immutable institution that you’ll be referring your great grandchildren to BREAUX Capital.

Can I pay month to month?

No, to avoid multiple payment processing charges, it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to pay a one-time upfront fee. In the grand scheme, you pay more to stream movies and to attend your gym franchise than you will for BREAUX Capital membership. As a member of BREAUX 20 & BREAUX 50 you can adjust the amount you save.

Can i purchase products a la carte?

No. All of the components to BREAUX Capital work with the others. So even if you’re not as hype about the savings portion, once you begin to see how beneficial it is to put your bag securing on auto-pilot, have investment knowledge that you can understand at your fingertips, along with a digital & in-person community of support, you’ll be giving us the nod.  


How will the funds be used that I contribute to the BREAUX Fund?

The money you contribute ultimately belongs to you. BREAUX Capital is not an asset manager and we do not assume any responsibility for profit returns or losses. Thus the money will go into the pot to be used for investment opportunities as they arise. The purpose of putting together the capital is for leverage and being able to quickly make moves as a unit. Organization is what BREAUX Capital provides, we leave it up to you to create the magic.

Where will the funds be held after I make a contribution?

They will be held in an FDIC insured account with 128 bit bank-level encryption.

What protections are in place to ensure my money is safe?

The FDIC insures that all of our money is safe while it’s in in a bank (up to $250,000). And free services like Venmo allow us to transfer money safely free of charge, to make sure all of your contributions make it to your desired destination. As far as investments go, we cannot guarantee returns on any money invested. But this is the nature of investing. However, our analysis and aggregated knowledge decreases our risks and raises the probability of vast rewards.

What protections are in place to ensure that no member can take out funds in an unauthorized manner?

All funds are handled jointly by our board of directors and founders. As a corporate entity, we must give an account of where our funds are being allocated. Additionally, the board of directors has a checks and balances system, so that large sums can never be withdrawn without just cause.

How long must I agree to contribute to the fund?

For as long as you see the benefit.

If I wish to leave the BREAUX 100, how long must I wait until I can access my funds?

BREAUX 100 members who decide to leave the organization will have to wait until we could feasibly take out funds without hurting the group and that particular member would incur all transaction fees. However, we first encourage you to apply to The 100, so that you can speak with a team member about any inquiries you may have.

What will be the return on my investment?

100% Value Retention. We guarantee your account will never lose value, but we cannot guarantee it will gain value. We can assure you that you will not leave with any less than you came. Unless you break the rules, then you leave with nothing. BREAUX Capital isn’t a financial manager, we don’t manage indexes to give you a detailed quarterly breakdown of projected returns. That’s not how this works. The return on your investment will vary depending on several factors. We provide the ability to have capital and leverage connections to make investment deals in real-time. So we give you what you need to make good deals happen to return profits, but we can’t automate deals for you.

How much will it cost? How will the funds be taken out of my account for the bi-weekly contribution?

Just like your Netflix or Hulu subscription, it’s taken directly out of your account. Simple. From there your funds are safe and secure in an FDIC insured account, complete with cutting-edge security and firewalls to protect your information from identity theft. You pay for your annual subscription upfront. Your average bank fees will be around $12/month, and they are not actively engaged in helping you make more money at the end of the year. BREAUX Capital is.

Can I deposit my savings at anytime?

At this time, every 2 weeks is the set time. From the date you make the decision to become financially well, every two weeks following you will contribute whatever dollar amount you set for yourself. The difference is that The BREAUX 50 must save a minimum of $50 every two weeks with a maximum of $100. With BREAUX 20 being a minimum of $20 every 2 weeks up to $50. Into the future we plan to integrate technology that will allow you to be as flexible as you like, just wait on it!

Is BREAUX Capital only for Black people? What about other minorities and white people?

It’s no secret that Black & Hispanic populations often suffer from identical issues in different ways. As so-called “minority cultures” we have a natural distrust with mainstream financial Institutions. BREAUX Capital was designed with Black Men in mind and its solutions and remedies can be applied to Latino communities as well. And if the white side of The Family sees value in automating their savings, aye we salute them too! Just know, our brand’s flavor will always have hot sauce on it, ya dig? In short, we welcome all of our minority communities to partner with us or to Join The Fam.

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