The First Financial Tool For Black Millennials

BREAUX Capital serves the ones who have been underbanked and overlooked in the financial marketplace. Building wealth is as just as much about asset accumulation as it is about building culture and community. Through Social Banking, BREAUX Capital is changing the game.

Accounts Built Just For Us

Automate Asset Growth

You don’t know you need the money, until you need it. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy a fire extinguisher AFTER your house catches on fire, right? Exactly. So set some funds aside for fires.

Withdraw Without Penalties

An umbrella for the rainy day – income protection you can draw from when unexpected expenses arise. Make withdrawals from your account after 6 months of consistent savings contributions.

Your Money On Steriods

You become a member to get access to other financing, as well as the network of professional services offered by our members. We’re a family-centered company, we want to come up together.

Full List of Features

BREAUX Capital is built upon a set of features meant to specifically move the financial health of Black millennials forward. This is the unique value that separates us from any other company out there.

Automated Savings

Automating our savings is the easiest thing we can do to start becoming financially healthier. However, less than 25% of us are doing it consistently. With BREAUX Capital, you can choose how quickly you want your stash to grow every two weeks. Just input your info and we will make sure it’s allocated.

Powered By You

Our model depends upon our members being active participants in the community and journey towards financial wellness. Your feedback and ideas will also be used to develop a better product. Show us another financial technology company doing that for Black millennials.

Business Transparency

BREAUX Capital is powered by real people who are just like you. From Shareholder’s Meetings that are open to the public and collective checks & balances from our Members, we truly want to get the #CapitalToThePeople.

Bank Level Security

Using 128-bit technology – the same technology found at your bank, we take steps to protect your account information from data breaches and identity theft. We also use various other protective layers to secure our platform.

Community Driven Education

Research shows that one of the best ways to learn new information is to interact with peers interested in the same topic. We make it easy for you to source knowledge from like minds looking to improve their financial health. Saving you time, while accelerating your growth.

Accountability Partners

Using technology you can partner with individuals around the world to keep you on track as you move forward in your financial journey. Independent research, as well as our own data, shows that this is the most powerful tool to keep you on track toward financial wellness.

Collective Investment

A key component to financial wellness is the financial health of your friends. Make sure you stay right by being plugged with people who are in position to contribute to your personal business pursuits and interests

Online and In-Person Events

Engage with fellow BREAUX Capital members at annual events and independently organized meetups. These events provide you the opportunity to strategize and build relationships in the most impactful setting – face to face.

We Aren’t Another Version of Them…

Look, we know your money is important to you and the people you care for. Here is why you should rock with us and not those other companies.

BREAUX Capital Robot Apps Banks
Automate Savings Yes Yes Yes
Accountability Partner Yes No No
Collective Investing Opportunities Yes No No
Like-Minded Community Yes No No
Equity Ownership Opportunity Yes No No
Black-Owned Yes Probably Not Probably Not

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